1 - What does NUMA New York provide?

Every program includes a 2-week immersion into the local ecosystem where startups are given the resources they need to set themselves up for success in the U.S. market.

We understand that post-seed startups needs depend on their business model, maturity and roadmap. Because of that, we have designed 3 separate tracks which address key focus areas of a business:

- Sales

- User Acquisition

- Raising Investment

Deliverables from the programs include:

- Desk space for up to two (2) people per startup including conference room time

- Access to free legal advice from our legal partners

- Access to technical and community perks

- Access to workshops and one-on-ones with experts and mentors

- Access to NUMA Global's content, resources and tutorials

- Brand exposure through all of NUMA's various marketing channels

- Qualified introductions to our corporate clients, partners and network

- Introductions to NUMA’s international network of alumni, partners and offices


2 - How do we apply?

You can now apply to NUMA New York at any time by going here. We’ll reply to you in less than 4 weeks. We have a continuous evaluation process which includes reviewing your application and sending it to our experts for evaluation as soon as you submit it to us.

Each month, we conduct 1:1 interviews to meet the team and validate your qualification to the program. The earlier you apply during each round of applications, the more chances you have to be fast-tracked through the process. 


3 - How is the selection process done?

The selection process consists of three (3) steps starting from the Selecteev application. Applications are reviewed by the NUMA team and sent to be scored by three (3) evaluators. The score your application receives is determined by various key factors including your team, traction, market and product. Depending on your score, you may be invited to participate in 1:1 interviews and pitch sessions. We are selecting up to 10 startups per season, to be able to focus on each of them and provide a hands-on program.

Dates for Season 1:

Programs begin September 2017

Deadline to apply: July 1st, 2017

Decisions communicated by: July 24th, 2017

Note: Only complete applications will be evaluated.


4 - I’m concerned that if I apply, you won’t protect my intellectual property. Should I be worried about this?

No. NUMA is committed to protecting the confidentiality of the applications it receives. Rest assured, we have no interest in sharing your application with non-evaluating parties.


5 - What is involved in the selection process?

- 1:1 interviews & Video Conferences

During the interviews you’ll be invited to speak with experts eager to know more about your project and your team. The pitch should last no more than 5 minutes followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. Keep in mind that both internet connectivity problems and sound quality can end up impacting the presentation. A typical recruitment process will be 3 - 4 calls and short email exchanges. Next steps are usually communicated within 1 week.

- An agreement

If you’ve made it through the finals, along with our sincere congratulations you’ll receive an agreement detailing the program’s conditions and the legal documents regarding our future partnership. We have worked hard with our lawyers to keep it simple and startup friendly. You’ll need to confirm that you accept these terms and conditions before being accepted into the program.


6 - What kind of startups are you selecting?

NUMA New York’s program is dedicated to startups at the growth stage. If you have already raised a first round of $500K - $1M, have traction in global markets and you are looking to scale your activity in the U.S., then NUMA New York may be a good fit for you.

We work with the entrepreneurs on go-to-market strategy, product / market fit, customer, investor and partner introductions and more.

The programs don’t have any specific industry focus. The startups operate in a wide range of sectors which provides us with a wealth of industrial insights. However, there are currently strong trends and investments in industries that include: AI, Media, AdTech, Health Tech, Ed-Tech, Fashion-Tech, Fin-Tech, Retail, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


7 - Does my company need to be incorporated in the U.S. before joining the program?

No. Your company doesn’t need to be incorporated in the U.S. to join NUMA New York. An advantage of NUMA New York is that we are taking warrants in your holding company, which is friendly to startups who don't want to flip from day 1. This won’t influence your application in any way. Our partnering law firms will be able to assist you with the paperwork if you need.


8 - Can you help with visa issues?

Numa New York offers a 10-week program, that should allow for most nationalities to use ESTA. We suggest reviewing the website to see if your country qualifies. If anyone on your team requires a visa (that is not ESTA) for their stay in New York, you should start your visa application procedures as soon as your participation is confirmed. We can introduce you to immigration agents previous startups have been working with or simply guide you to the relevant public institution if you need any help on this. We will also provide invitation letters, and any documents you might need.


9 - Do I have to be in New York during the entire program?

We require at least one of the co-founders to spend time in New York (CEO/CMO/COO). Much of the program’s value hinges on your presence in the local ecosystem (to speak with customers and investors, attend events, coaching sessions, etc…). Being physically close to NUMA New York will also allow you to leverage all of the serendipitous opportunities that come from our mentors, alumni, events, corporate partners, angel or VC funds, etc., who all visit NUMA New York frequently.

Our program is designed to allow you to execute while going through it, and we empower you to manage your teams remotely.


10 - Who are the experts we will connect with?

NUMA New York has a wide network of hundreds of industry experts and mentors. Our team and supporting partners have connections in almost every industry vertical. We curate our experts to match the needs, challenges and industries of our startups to ensure startups have the relevant support they need to scale.

We collaborate with experts in sales, marketing, user acquisition, growth hacking, UI/UX, raising money, negotiating, KPIs and much more. Industries include AI, Media, AdTech, Health Tech, Ed-Tech, Fashion-Tech, Fin-Tech, Retail, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and much more.


11 - What is a technical partner?

We have 70+ offers and promotions from various partners including hosting services, recruitment platforms, SaaS tools and more.


12 - What are some of the most successful startups that have gone through NUMA programs?

NUMA has accelerated many great businesses around the world since our beginning so it’s hard to choose! Some of our most renowned startups include Mesagraph (acquired by Twitter), Sketchfab, DocTrackr, Bankin’, Zéro-Gâchis, Qunb (acquired by Ve Interactive), Artips, Lima, Agriconomie, Trip’n’drive, Infinit, Augment, Julie Desk, Soundsgood, Tiller Systems, StreamRoot, and Deepomatic. Discover our startup alumni here: alumni.numa.co


13 - What is my agreement with NUMA New York?

In exchange for services, NUMA New York will be entitled to purchase up to a number of shares representing 3 - 5% of the company’s common stock (final percentage based on maturity and needs of the startups). 

If a flat-fee is a better option for you, let us know and we will explore as we define your needs and maturity.


14 - Do you take a 3 - 5% in warrants to all startups regardless of their valuation?

Yes. The terms of NUMA’s investment and support are standard and apply to all participating startups.