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Retaining talent is costly. By the year 2030, 75% of the work force will be made up of millennials. This generation of talent is the hardest to retain in the workforce. How do organizations adapt to attract and retain millennial talent? What are the needs and patterns surrounding this generation to reduce the risk and cost associated with losing employees?

Who is this workshop for?

For anyone working in a managerial position that is responsible for hiring or managing teams, specifically looking to attract and retain talent in a new workforce. This is also valuable for anyone working in HR or responsible for creating culture within an organization.

What are the outcomes?

At the end of this course participants will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of entrepreneurial hiring practices for innovative and impactful teams

  • Quickly implement new ways of retaining talent on their teams and within their organization

  • Have a keen awareness of the millennial generation, their habits, desires, and needs to stay happy at work

1 Day Agenda:


9:00am - Visit of NUMA New York

10:00am - Meeting and Q&A: With two Startups that have a knack for retaining and attracting top tier talent. Attedees learn from their hiring practices and methods of attracting talent. 

11:00 - Presentation: Methodologies and best practices for managing, hiring, and retaining millennial talent


12:00 - Lunch

1:00pm - Workshop: Roadmap for Implementation. From the learnings of the morning building a roadmap with pieces of methodologies that are easily implemented in a short time frame. Followed by roundtable discussions to challenge and improve.

3:00pm - Roundtable Discussions. Challenging and feedback on your roadmaps feasability and implementation 

4:30pm - Debrief and close