Is your startup the right fit for NUMA New York? Watch our NUMA New York Startup Program webinar to learn all about our 10 week program to help non-U.S. startups enter and scale in the U.S. Market. 

The hour long webinar covered: 

  • The 10 week program's structure and three tracks (B2B Sales, B2C User Acquisition, Raising Investment) 

  • Selection criteria and minimum requirements 

  • Contract and payment (Flat fee Vs. Warrant options) 

  • Our network of mentors, experts, and alumni 

Our 10 Week Program is for startups that:

  • Were founded outside the U.S. 

  • Have minimum $500K in seed funding or cash

  • Can operate with minimum 1 co-founder in New York during the program

Our application deadline is July 1st. To learn more and apply go to