Donald Trump announced that he will withdraw the United States of America from the Paris agreement. Actually, he will withdraw the Federal State. Not the people, not the cities, not the corporations, not the startups. They will do their best to respect the agreement’s goals, because they know it will MAKE OUR PLANET GREAT AGAIN and create millions of new jobs.


The most striking reactions to Donald Trump’s decision, are the ones of the non-state actors in the United States. Cities, corporations, citizens raise their voice to affirm their commitment to respect the Paris Agreement.

Cities in particular committed to playing their part. This should not come as a surprise as cities are :

  • a major cause of climate change (cities are responsible for 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions)
  • the biggest victims of climate change (climate change could make cities 8°C hotter by 2100).

They are also our best hope to fight climate change because they are home to a diverse, well-educated, entrepreneurial population. But cities can’t win this fight against climate change alone.

At NUMA, we believe that mission-driven tech entrepreneurs are the most efficient players to tackle global challenges. They have a unique ability to execute fast and to create scalable solutions that have a global impact. Their limited resources force them to be pragmatic and go beyond existing solutions.

If we gave them experimentation fields, high quality datasets and human resources, we are convinced they would find innovative and impactful solutions to tackle climate change. Actually we proved they do, through DataCity.

DataCity is a program launched by NUMA, to fulfill our mission to empower mission-driven tech entrepreneurs to solve the global challenges of 2030. DataCity relies on a central conviction : collaboration is the only way to tackle the challenges of the world, especially the battle against climate change. And it works !

In Paris, like in many other cities, street lights stay on at night even when no one is around. During the DataCity program, two startups (Dataiku and Quantmetry) used anonymised data from a telecommunication company to develop a solution to dim the light when no one is in the street. This solution has been implemented with an operator of street lighting in Paris leading to a 10% reduction in the energy consumption of public lighting, without the need for any new infrastructure and without affecting the wellbeing of citizens.

Reducing public lighting energy consumption by 10% in 9 months wouldn’t have been possible without a framework for radical collaboration between cities, corporations and startups.

Is this 10% reduction in public lighting energy consumption enough ? No. But applied to 100 cities worldwide, it would be a good step forward, right ? We believe so too. That is why Anne Hidalgo’s and C40’s endorsement will be helpful to implement this solution worldwide.

And this is only one example from over twenty solutions which have already been developed thanks to DataCity. Their impact could be game changing in the fight against climate change. They are data-driven, scalable and will lead to the hiring of thousands of people in the startups and corporations that created them.

To conclude, let’s be clear : I am appalled by Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Yet, voicing our anger and making our voices heard will not make up for the disastrous consequences of this decision. We need to act.

NUMA’s contribution to the fight against climate change will be based on three core beliefs :

  • Creating solutions to fight climate-change will be one of the main drivers of our global economic development.
  • Radical collaboration is the key to have an impact in a context where time is the most critical resource.
  • Mission-driven tech entrepreneurs are the best actors to develop the user-centric, scalable solutions we need.

I strongly believe that with cities, corporations and mission-driven tech entrepreneurs, we can make our planet great again and create millions of new jobs.

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Marie-Vorgan Le Barzic, CEO of NUMA